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    Wire / Cable

    CI Fire Cables offer firefighters more time to safely evacuate building occupants. By supporting critical systems such as emergency voice-alarm communication, smoke/fire alarm systems (EVAC), firefighters’ telephone and area of refuge communication systems, and visible notification appliances.

    CI Fire Alarm Cables:

    • 2-Hour Rated Fire Resistive CI Alarm Cable
    • UL 2196 Certified
    • Low-Smoke, Zero Halogen
    • Available in Shielded and Non-Shielded Construction
    • Made in the USA

    Cabling supports critical systems:

    • (EVAC) Emergency Voice-Alarm Communication
    • Smoke and Fire Alarm Systems
    • Firefighters’ Telephone and Area of Refuge
    • Communications Systems
    • Visible Notification Appliances

    Common Applications:

    • Manufacturing, Commercial and Industrial Locations
    • Health Care Facilities
    • Tunnels and Subways for Emergency Communications
    • Colleges, High-rise Buildings, and Hotels
    • Airports and Stadiums
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