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    Wireless Fire and Security Alarm Monitoring

    Copper phone lines are going away as early as 2017. NFPA recognized this within the 2016 edition of NFPA 72. Whereas NFPA 2013 still allowed for one phone and a choice of six alternatives. NFPA 2016 eliminated phones altogether, except by permission from the local Fire Marshall or AHJ. 2016 took the options down to three: 1) Wireless Mesh Radio 2) Cellular and 3) IP. This completely changes the landscape as states begin to adopt the most recent code.

    Chris Inman, Vice President of Operations at Commercial Systems Group in Orlando said, “After Hurricane Irma, we analyzed our network data and results showed that we lost roughly 20% of customers due to phone lines being out vs. 1% of our mesh panels. An antenna bent down facing the ground needed to be replaced on one of our remote receivers.  Both mesh radio networks at the Orlando International Airport and CSG location stayed up during and after the storm.”