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    Security for Seniors

    Under the mandatory UL 1069 standard, all long-term healthcare facilities and senior living retirement communities are required to install fundamental hospital signaling and nurse call systems responsible for the wellbeing and safety of its residents. To aid institutions in monitoring the location and health of active seniors and reducing the risk of litigation, Commercial Systems Group provides innovative nurse call and wander management solutions.

    Nurse Call Systems

    Our partnership with Jeron Electronic Systems allows us to provide innovative nurse call communications with applications across multiple departments and environments in the healthcare industry. With digital duplex intercom systems, efficacy of care is increased while streamlining patient-to-staff and staff-to-staff communication.

    Jeron’s Provider 680 Nurse Call System provides residents peace of mind all at the push of a button. With bathroom station intercoms and bed exit monitoring, residents can quickly alert nurses in the event of a fall or medical emergency.

    Wander Management Devices

    A trusted name in the senior living industry, Stanley Healthcare Solutions provides market-leading active senior tracking systems such as WanderGuard, Arial Wireless E-Call, and RoamAlert.

    By providing residents with RFID-chipped wrist bracelets, RoamAlert systems allow memory care staff to confidently enhance residents’ mobility, dignity, and independence while keeping them away from exits and unauthorized areas.

    Trusted Security Solutions

    Professional security systems are vital to ensure seniors get the help they need in a timely manner. At CSG, we prioritize the standard emergency communication needs of skilled nursing and long-term care facilities by providing our users with quality and innovative products. For more information on our nurse call systems, contact us today at 407-814-0225.