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    Florida Hospital Altamonte

    As the largest satellite campus within the Florida Hospital system, Florida Hospital Altamonte has been providing state-of-the-art healthcare to the community since 1973. The recently expanded 341-bed hospital makes it the largest and most comprehensive hospital in Seminole County. In December 2007, Florida Hospital Altamonte opened the state of the art six-story tower which has transformed the face of healthcare in Seminole County. As a first of its kind in Central Florida, this patient friendly technology turns each room’s two-inch LCD TV into an interactive resource, which provides personalized health education, internet and entertainment options as well as an opportunity to communicate and receive immediate feedback at the touch of a button. Commercial Systems Group under contract with Regency Electric provided and installed the GE Healthcare VoIP Telligence nurse call system to support the state-of the-art, friendly technology initiative for both patients and caregivers. CSG continues to retrofit existing areas in the hospital with Telligence to establish an enterprise level nurse call system.

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