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    Security Initiative for IAP Worldwide Services

    IAP Worldwide Services (IAP) selected Commercial Systems Group (CSG) to provide a complete analysis and assessment of corporate security needs of the various IAP departments. CSG provided the design solution for the necessary upgrade and replacement of current legacy technologies in place at the facility.  The replacement systems consisted of electronic access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection systems.  IAP then selected CSG to supply and install the new systems with the added challenge of working in an occupied facility while maintaining operation of all in place access control or intrusion systems.

    The new design solution comprised an IDenticard, IDentipass platform “partitioned” with MiFARE smart card technology access control system along with a fully integrated IDenticard IVIS 2000 ID badging software utilizing 14 different badge designs/levels.  The access platform database resides on a fully redundant RAID 5 server grade machine.  This ethernet based architecture was also chosen for the future expansion of the security management system to other IAP offices.  Some higher levels of access control reader locations consisted of MiFARE smart card readers with integrated pin-pad.  This technology was chosen for a seamless future transition to digitally incripting any biometric data on the smart cards for the highest level of access to areas deemed appropriate via finger print or iris scan readers.   The access control system provided is also integrated in with an IDenticard Passport smart node for the Panasonic cameras provided within the facility that are digitally recorded on Panasonic’s premier HD300A series digital video recorder and newly designed CU650 controller. The quadplex HD300 series digital video recorder (DVR) has full RAID 5 mirroring to mitigate the potential loss of any video digitally recorded due to any DVR hard drive failure.

    The last piece of the security initiative was to design an entire overhaul of the intrusion detection system with a GE/Networx series hardwired and wireless system consisting of dual technology PIR/microwave motion detectors in common areas as well as full coverage of door contacts for all entrances into the facility as well as waterbug detectors under the computer floor for advance notice and alarm to any flood or water event in the IT/server area of IAP.  The system is fully monitored via traditional phone line along with cellemetry back up in the event of the possibility of phone system being down.  This was a method of maintaining security to the facility in the event of any natural disaster such as hurricanes, which are a very real threat due to proximity of the facility located on the inter-coastal waterway of the east coast of Florida.  This was also taken in account by IAP installing a generator system to come on-line due to any loss of electrical power that is connected to any life safety or security related circuits to maintain normal standard operations.