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    Preventative Maintenance for Security Systems

    It is important to stay up-to-date on proper security system maintenance in order to keep your business, employees, and residents safe. Unfortunately, security systems are often taken for granted, overlooked, or neglected due cost-cutting measures or forgetfulness. However, preventative maintenance to ensure security systems are working properly can actually save businesses more money in the long-run. Here’s how often you should perform preventative maintenance on your security systems.

    Fire Alarm Systems

    Changes to the National Fire Protection Association’s safety codes and guidelines necessitate frequent updates and maintenance to fire alarm systems. Even newly designed and installed fire alarm systems require regular maintenance to ensure they remain NFPA compliant. Preventative fire alarm maintenance includes an entire testing of all fire alarm devices including the fire panel.

    Nurse Call Systems

    Nurse call systems like bed exit monitoring and bathroom station intercoms are vital to ensure seniors get prompt assistance in the event of a medical emergency or fall. Because of wear and tear from repeated use or even physical damage, nurse call device buttons can stick or malfunction. To reduce the risk of accident or litigation, preventative maintenance should be performed annually on all nurse call system devices.

    Closed Circuit Television Systems

    Should an accident or crime occur, you’ll want to review footage captured by your CCTV cameras. Regularly scheduled maintenance of CCTV security systems are necessary to guarantee that cameras are rotating and recording properly and transmitting a clear signal. Make sure the cameras are not obstructed, have a full range of motion, and that their lenses are focused, clean, and dust-free. Also, ensure all cables and wires are fully insulated and tightly connected.

    Intercom Systems

    Look and listen for any problems with your intercom system such as physical damage, static interference, or delays in message delivery and response. If any issues are still present after all wire connections have been checked, then professional maintenance should be scheduled immediately to correct the malfunction.

    Preventative Maintenance Solutions

    Security system maintenance is recommended at least once a year. At Commercial Systems Group, we provide professional maintenance and compliance updates to all types of security systems. Our preventative measures will keep your systems up-to-date and resolve any problems before they happen, so you can rest easy knowing your investments are safe in the event of a disaster or emergency. To schedule your system maintenance, contact us today at 407-814-0225.