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    EST Strategic Partner

    Whether EST life safety systems are protecting the lives and livelihoods of the people who make businesses run, or the lives entrusted to the care of public institutions; whether they’re charged with protecting the guests of the world’s finest hotels, or preserving irreplaceable artifacts that bring history to life; EST stands alone as the brand closely associated with some of the most important and far-reaching developments in the life safety industry today.

    The strength is in Strategic Partners like Commercial Systems Group — the people and organizations we entrust with the technology that has charted the course of life safety protection for decades. Strategic Partners are not middlemen or go-betweens. We are independent contractors that are established in our local communities and form an integral part of the Edwards EST  marketing and support organization. As insiders, we enjoy exclusive access to products, custom design innovations, specialized training, and pricing privileges. Yet as successful independent contractors, we are adept at ensuring that each submittal is strong and competitive, and that each bid is locally relevant to your installation. As a local business, Commercial Systems Group not only must earn your trust — we have to keep it.

    Together these strengths set EST installations apart, and have earned this brand a special place among life safety and security solutions available today. Perhaps that’s why EST products and systems have become the choice of building owners, architects and engineers around the globe. And why many of the world’s most cherished landmarks are protected by Edwards products that bear the EST mark. From local facilities like the Orlando International Airport, Florida Hospital Celebration, Disney Grand Floridian, Orange County Courthouse, Orange County Public Schools, and most recently SkyHouse Orlando,  occupy Central Florida’s most impressive structures have come to know that the safest and most survivable solution today is an EST solution.

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