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    Common Reasons Why Businesses Fail Fire Inspections

    As a property owner, you are responsible for the safety of your tenants and for ensuring that your building is compliant with National Fire Protection Association regulations. Making sure your property is up to NFPA code requires thorough attention and routine maintenance. One small oversight can threaten the stability of your business and result in serious penalty. So you can be better prepared when your fire inspector pays you a visit, here are a few common reasons why businesses fail fire inspections.

    Inaccessible Exits

    You’ll receive swift violations if you lack accessible fire exits and equipment. Make sure emergency exits and fire extinguishers are clearly marked, visible, and functional. You can also  ensure everyone’s safe evacuation by keeping all exit doors, halls, stairways, and fire escapes clear of obstruction.

    Inadequate Signage

    Properly illuminated safety signs are critical to let emergency responders and your building’s occupants know where to go in the event of a fire. You should also display signs that detail the location of exits, electrical control panels, and fire protection rooms.

    External Neglect

    You could be in violation if your property’s address is not visible from the street or properly displayed on the front of your building. To reduce the risk of a fire, be sure to clear the area around the outside of your building so that it is free of debris, trash, and high grass or weeds.

    Improper Waste Disposal and Storage

    Hazardous materials are often flammable and require proper storage. Ensure waste materials are stored a safe distance from the building and emptied on a regular basis to minimize the possibility and effects of a fire.

    Increased Electrical Hazards

    Electricity is a common cause of fire. It is important to routinely check that all electrical outlets, circuit breakers panels, and junction boxes are properly covered. Extension cords can also be a potential fire hazard if they are being used on a permanent basis. Keeping extension cord use to a minimum will significantly reduce your risk of fire and fire inspection violation.

    Faulty Fire Alarm Systems

    If not properly maintained, your building’s fire alarm system will do little to give proper warning should a fire break out. Sprinkler systems and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are the first line defense in fire detection. They all should be tested and inspected by a professional on an annual basis. Be sure to file all of your fire alarm system’s service records as fire inspectors often require documented proof of maintenance.

    Let CSG Bring You Up to Code

    To ensure a successful fire safety inspection, contact Commercial Systems Group. At CSG, we will make sure everything is compliant and in working order, through our thorough equipment and system inspections. We’ve satisfied customers with over 1,750 high-quality fire alarm system installations in institutions and industries across Central Florida. If your business needs a fire alarm system update, service, repair, or inspection, call us today at 407-814-0225 for a free consultation.